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Business-critical Solutions

Our customizable powerful solution is architected for data security and management such as Ai based management solutions for industries.

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Enterprise Business Intelligence ( eBip )

We have developed a comprehensive feature set to enhance your business with multiple tools that are easy on the eyes. Our robust software architecture helps you secure critical system processes in advance through automation features based upon machine learning techniques.

This powerful customized solution is built for data security and management, including solutions such as artificial intelligence management for industries that focus on protecting personal information. This enables business customers to effectively manage their network’s physical infrastructure without the need of large IT systems or services providers.

It can deliver a scalable platform with wide range more efficient application types because it dynamically adapts its core components based upon user preference between specific service classes/types, using an integrated architecture called ‘Data log’.

Maargga Technologies

Logistics & transportation 

Supervise from beginning to end movement of personnel and material via air (commercial, charter and helicopter), sea and land. The whole digital enterprise business system will run with ERP.


Our bespoke e-commerce solutions for your business needs, offer a comprehensive business management solution for e-trading. This helps to do business and manage online by reducing manpower and unwanted expenses.

Web and Mobile Apps

Team Maargga delivers what you are looking for. We build and develop a Digital Platform from the ground up for Web, Mobile, App or any other customized requirement.

Custom Solutions

Innovative ideas are born when ideas are incubated and developed. Using the latest technology, we build prototypes that address the issues with an emphasis on idea incubation and digital superiority.